Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Live Via Something

Yo, Generation D, how come Chan and I can talk to our friend Gumby, who's in Texas, video-conference style, like we're on the bridge of the Starship Freakin' Enterprise, but I can't listen to the Red Sox game without the feed cutting out every two seconds?

Terrible job, leave-work-at-noon-hipster-internet-company-workers.

Anyway, in the pic above, you can see me in the little box on our TV, on the left, barely, and half of Chan's face, followed by Gumby on the big screen, in Texas, and then Chan, again, in the room with me. It's so weird, this video-conferencing. All I do is pick up things in the room and put them in front of the camera (which you can see atop the television). So Gumby basically sees us, then the bobble-head Mr. T doll, then us again, then a Wiffle bat which I've written "Chan" on, and it goes on and on like that. Chan says it looks like some kind of mating ritual, and that if we were really in the same room, I wouldn't be waving toys in Gumby's face.

But it's definitely cool that we can see his place which we've never been to, and Miami Vice versa.

Great job by Matty tonight. Almost made it all the way. Good job, Captain Cheese, getting that last out, as a member of what will hopefully be the short-lived "Committee '05."

One more thing. About a week and a half ago, I was listening to Michael Backwards Kay, and he was saying how A-Rod had MVP numbers. A guy called up saying how Ortiz and Manny's numbers were comparable. Kay laughed at this and gave it one of those "I don't have the numbers in front of me, but TRUST me, their numbers are nowhere near A-Rod's." Which he followed up with "Manny Ramirez didn't start playing well until June 12th." Now, obviously the caller didn't realize that Manny's average was below his usual, although he's got "The Rod" in HR and RBI. (But, in Kay's world, Jeter could have a bad month, and it's "Wow, what a great job he did DESPITE that bad month," whereas if Manny hits .300 this year, all he'll talk about his how he didn't hit the whole season.)

So my point is, it's a week and a half after Kay laughed this guy off the air. Look at the numbers now:


.318 BA
21 HR
68 RBI
.576 SLG


.313 BA
21 HR
73 RBI
.592 SLG

The fact that it was close enough so that Ortiz could catch A-Rod in that short time (and still before the All-Star break, so let's not start handing out awards) is enough for Kay to be fired, you know, if I was his boss. Not to mention his "No, you don't understand, A-Rod's putting up MVP numbers" attitude to this caller. Terrible job as usual, Kay.


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