Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Little 'Saur

When I bought tickets to the Dinosaur Jr. show in Central Park months ago, I figured the 4:30 start time would allow me to see most, if not all, of the Red Sox-yanks game that night. That night was tonight, and the show ended in time for Pat and I to hear the last out of the game in his car.

I missed a crappy game, as you know. But we've got nothing to worry about. So they got a game out of the series. It's better to have it come early in the seires so we can have the momentum at the end, going out. Yeah, that's it. Hey, as long as they've got that EN WHY on their hats, we know they'll choke in the end. (neverending laughter)

Good to have Schilling back. He knows how to come back from bad outings against the yanks with extra-sweet ones against them. And I heard that some of the yankee homers tonight were cheap, per their tradition. So seriously, don't worry. Unless you're a yankee fan, in which case you should worry because three-fifths of your pitching staff are dudes whose names you won't even know until they're pitching no-hitters for the White Sox in two years.

So that's all you're getting about the national pasttime tonight. The rest is gonna be music stuff. But I'll be at the game and Theo/Bronson concert on Saturday, so you'll get plenty of pics of that.

Central Park SummerStage: Fun, outdoor, summertime concerts that are sometimes free. Tonight it was forty bucks. Well worth it for Dinosaur Jr. with original lineup, though. It was good to see so many people there. If Dinosaur can sell out a forty dollar show in 2005, there is hope for today's youth.

The first band was Magic Markers. Want to simulate a Magic Markers show in your own home? Pick up any instrument and bang on it for twenty minutes. Occasionally say some words. You're in the band.

Radio Four played next. It was that disco-beat style indie rock that's, oh my god, like, so last year, Becky.

Broken Social Scene had two important things going for them. 1. A sense of humor. 2. No sign of blatantly trying to imitate or be a part of any kind of trend. Usually I don't say nice things about bands who feel the need to use TWELVE people to play a song. But these people seemed pretty cool. Their weird love songs were good. And the horns only played when they were really needed.

Dinosaur Jr. played all their really old stuff, because they could, since they had the original lineup intact. J Mascis, who for years has been "gray" Mascis, was freakin' on fire, dude. The guy is a crazy guitar player. The only man who can purposely drop his guitar during a song and let it keep feeding back on the stage while strapping on a new guitar to finish the song. And tonight he was doing this great stutter-step guitar move which sounded really cool. Lou was rockin' out on bass, too. But I felt like he was jealous of J or something. And Murph was hittin' the proverbial skins so hard he actually got his glasses caught in a stick and launched them "audience-ward," as Lou later said when describing this repeating phenomenon. It was great to hear all the old classics. Good job, DJ.

The last game update we got from Pat's cell phone during the show was 4-3 Sox, so at least we got to enjoy it.

It is a good thing you got to enjoy what you heard of the game 'cause the ending was totally "puke + cry."

Glad you had fun at the concert.

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