Saturday, July 23, 2005

I've Got The Powa

Pretty harmless loss last night, as the yanks, O's, and Jays lost as well. Can't comment on the game. I missed it.

My friend Jen, who I know from BC, came into the city for dinner. I didn't go to BC, I would just visit my friend Mike, yankee fan, there, and I met her through him. This was in the mid-90s. Anyway, I hardly ever see her, so it was good to catch up, as the humans like to say.

Here's my funny story about last night. We went to a restaurant, and saw there were some open tables in the coveted "outside" section. We went inside and asked if we could sit outside. The man nicely gestured us to do so. We sat down. A waitress then came over to us and said, "This section is actually closed." We told her that the ubiquitous "that guy" told us we could sit outside. She points at the man sitting by himself at the table next to ours and says, "We already accidentally let THIS GUY sit here."

Poor schlub. We had to go inside, but at least we avoided complete humiliation.

Anyway, inside was this table of fifteen dudes from Emerson in Boston, in NYC for a 21st birthday party. A girl walked by and recognized one of the guys from sitting next to him on the T. It's a small, Boston-y city, that New York.

I got home in time to see the yanks lose their late game, which was good, especially after hearing about Wake's woes wersus Whitesox.

Today I took the train to CT, and on board were two other dudes who wore glasses and a Sox hat. Am I a stereotype now? Well, they each had a woman with them and I didn't. But maybe that will change one day.

Going to the unchartered state of Rhode Island now. Back Sunday night. Ish. Don't rob my house. Or Chan will attack. And you don't want that.

jere, I am becoming concerned. have you been sucked up by the state of RI?

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