Friday, July 08, 2005

I Bent My Wookie, Part Two

How come there's no patch to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the '75 AL Champs? That gives me an idea. I think I'll make a patch commemorating the 30th anniversary of my birth.

Today, I replaced my bent key at the place with the bent sign. Actually, Chan may have been kidding about that, I didn't look too closely at the sign. Anyway, when Kim read my key story, she said she couldn't wait for part two. I worried that "part two" would consist of nothing more than "I got a new key." Fortunately, though, there is an actual part two.

As I got to my apartment, ready to open the doors with my new key for the first time, I noticed yet another mystery woman coming up behind me. I opened the first door smoothly, as she came in behind me. As I opened door number two, I attempted yet another introduction. This woman was very nice. I told her I just moved in, and she asked me when that was. I said "Have you met my roommate Markus? Tall, Asian fellow?" She said no, and commented that "No one sees anyone in this building," implying she thought this was abnormal, like I do.

So, terrible job, yesterday lady. Great job, today lady. My faith in humanity is mildly restored.

Hopefully tonight's baseball game will feature nine innings and nine Red Sox starters.


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