Friday, July 22, 2005

Fairfield County Gets A Peek

Trophy hits Fairfield, Connecticut.

And our friend, Rebecca, aka Reb Sox was there, and was interviewed for the article!

Way to represent the only county in New England that isn't allowed to watch the beauty and splendor--and comedic announcing--that AAONESN (Almost All Of New England Sports Network) dishes out in its Red Sox coverage.

I also heard it went to the town I was born and raised in, Ridgefield. Maybe they did a full tour of the little county that can't (see the World Champion Red Sox, New England's one and only baseball team.)

Hopefully they see the big crowds and TRY TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

Also, I like how in the article, the yankee fan guy says he feels sad, but "I just wanted to see the trophy." He should have added, "because the fucking yankees never do anything for their fans." But at least he can see his team's games on TV, unlike the Fairfield County Sox fans.


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