Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Calm Before The Etc.

[Edit: Go to to hear Bronson's interview from today. It's under the Joe & Sid section. He did a great job.]

Great thing about Chan: When he comes across the movie Fletch on TV, I don't even need to tell him to leave it on. Even if we'd just seen it a few days earlier.

Great thing about Witch City Sox Girl: Is one of two people I know (PatG) who would get the "Ding Dong, yo" reference from Weird Al's "Fat" video.

These things are very important.

Tonight's celebrity sighting: Dick Ebersol at the bookstore. I would have told him how great that ceremony for his son at Fenway was, but decided that it wasn't really something you just blurt out at random, so I left him alone. My parents were in town tonight, and I was with my dad when I spotted Ebersol. I was very proud that I noticed him first, since my dad is the master of the celebrity sighting.

Today, I was at the bank. I was sitting in a chair, waiting for a "personal banker" to come help me. I sat watching the line I'd just been on, before being sent to the chair. A man in a business suit jumped the line and went to a window which was specifically for "business accounts." Everyone in front of him on the line got kind of pissed. One older woman with a cane turned back to the young guy behind her on the line, and started to speak. As she turned, two windows opened up, leaving just the old woman and the kid, far down the line, despite no one being in front of them. I thought she was crazy, and I think the kid did, too. It looked like quite an awkward moment for the kid. It took the woman a while to spit it out, but over the next minute, she conveyed the following information to the stranger: Men in suits are rude. She cited examples. "Whenever someone is taking up a seat and won't let an old crippled woman sit, it's ALWAYS a man in a suit." Turned out this spunky old woman wasn't crazy after all. The kid (in his casual me-style attire) was very amused, and agreed with her. As did I, of course. You don't know happy I was that someone, anyone, especially a female who's been around a long time, went public with their opinion that the suit makes the man...into an asshole.


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