Monday, July 25, 2005

Bring On The Lucifer Rays

Splitting four in Chicago--we'll take it. Why is everyone so down on Wake all of a sudden? One bad inning the other night, which has been his norm for quite a while now, and it seems like people are calling for his head. At playoff time, I want him to lead us into proverbial battle.

Great jorb by Miller on Satuday night. Good to see a zero for the other team. And despite another save by Schill, he says he's ready to start and I think that's what's going to happen. I still feel like the idea of him being "the closer" was complete invented by fans and the meida. Didn't Stankonia only say "He'll work out of the 'pen"? Meaning that he would do that until he was ready to start again? And since our closer happens to be out, that was the spot he took over out there? Right? Question mark?

Either way, it works for us, though. In the playoffs, I'd like for him to be one of our starters. But this bullpen stint will prepare him for an emergency closing situation in October.

I just got back to the city, and walked past the guys with the big guns. Fortunately, they didn't shoot me in the head five times for doing absolutely nothing.

This weekend, I saw a truck with a flamey-logo on the back that said "Drinkwater." Turns out it was some roofing company called J. D. Drinkwater. I wonder if J. D. is related to Kapstein. Eh, no, probably not.

Good news: We play Tampa Bay. Good news part deux: On ESPN tonight.

Update: Apparently, our game isn't good enough for the NY area, as ESPN is giving us Orioles-Rangers. Terrible job.


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