Wednesday, July 20, 2005

At The Pizzeria

Conversation overheard at the pizza place the other day, after a customer received his food at the counter:

Employee: Nine dollars, please.

Customer: Nine? It should be seven.

Employee: No, nine dollars.

Customer: I always get this same order, it's like $7.16 or something.

Employee: Well the drink makes it nine dollars.

Customer: But I was here yesterday, the girl gave me all this and the drink for seven bucks.

Employee: Yes, without drink, it would be $7.06.

Customer: Yeah, that's it. $7.06. She gave me the drink, too.

Employee: Who?

Customer: The heavy-set girl.

Employee: Ah. Well, yes, she GAVE you the drink. Nine dollars, please.

(laughter all around)

Customer: She workin' tomorrow?


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