Friday, July 22, 2005


What I've got so far:

Empyreal Environs: A river on my spleen.

Bullshit Memorial Stadium: Tim's dull bro humiliates Ma.

Reb Sox: Sex orb.

Twelve Eight: Give the welt.

A Red Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory: Nix Free Train Rides To Prison Party.

Words to live by.

I'll just keep adding to this list:

Witch City Sox Girl: I Try Six-Cow Glitch or Gritty Wich Lox [sic]

Blue Cats and Red Sox: Ax blades not cursed.

Are you sure that your scrabble game didn't inspire some of this?
Well, Empy started coming up with anagrams first. I just immediately went to the Scrabble board--still out from last's night's beating of Chan--to make it easier. Like in Rosemary's Baby.

Steven Marcato....
A tired spy rox in fraternities' porn

I ran a spirit trot, refined oryx penis.

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