Friday, July 01, 2005

Adventures in Tourist-Land

Mike & the Mad Dog are currently in the middle of a 24-hour long show for charity at Rockefeller Center. Earlier tonight, Chan and I ventured down to midtown to check out the incredible action that you can only get--from two dudes sitting there talking.

I saw this short but sweet headline (on a different cab, so I found another one with the ESPN headlines on top), and took this shot:

That's a railing in front of the cab. It's not some Spider-Man special edition. Though that would be cool.

We got to the spot where the show was being broadcast from. You know that ice rink where the cast of SNL skates around at the end of each season? And where they put a huge tree in December? Right, Rockefeller Center. Well, there's no ice there in the summer. It's a restaurant. That's where they were. People stood around and watched. Mark Messier was being interviewed. My shots of him weren't good enough to make the cut. This shot, which just goes to show you the vast expanse that is Mike Francesa, was taken from above the rink:

Rumors of a diet have been greatly exaggerated.

Then we went to get some food. We ate at a diner called Cosmic Diner @ 52. Incredibly average. But not bad for an 8 dollar panini sandwich.

We decided to check back in with the WFAN crew on our way back to the subway, to see who was being interviewed at that point. We passed the place where Hairspray is playing on Broadway, and I got this pic of that Bruce guy, who was signing autographs for people on line:

We got to Rockefeller Center again, and decided to go right down front. At that moment, they got A-Rod on the phone, from Detroit. Mad Dog asked A-Rod if he was anxious to play the night before, since the game wa rained out. And A-Rod, the jackass, said, "No, I wanted the day off." Somebody in the crowd shouted "pussy" really loud. Francesa was not amused, as I could tell from his no-nonsense stare into the crowd. I think the guy who said it was this drunk dude, who kept going on and on to his friends about how A-Rod needed that day off. I definitely didn't feel the urge to hang out with this guy, but I did agree with what he was saying. And I really hope his comment was audible to the home audience.

So here's a shot of Mike and the Mad Dog interviewing A-Rod:

Exciting, isn't it? A photograph of people talking to another person who isn't there. But that's what we did tonight.

Actual baseball tomorrow. We go into the weekend 2 1/2 up.

The resemblence between Michael Moore and Bruce Vilanch is uncanny. Could they be one and the same? Like Grant and Imposter Grant from General Hospital? Not that I would expect you to know this, Jere.
it's this kind of access that makes your blog a must read. i'm glad you're taking full advantage of your new home in the center of the universe. thanks for sharing it with us.
He's more Moore than Moore.

And Calvin, thanks a lot. And I still, STILL, haven't forgotten about the political discussion. It will be brought back to the main stage soon.

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