Tuesday, July 05, 2005

80s Peter Gammons Says:

"Me and my mustache agree, Manny can't hit anymore!"

Terrible job, Pete.

I am so glad Keith Foulke wasn't around tonight. And look at Timlin, steppin' in and gettin' the job done. I've always respected Timlin's confident "I'm the man, and everybody knows it," veteran attitude. And that 1.73 ERA makes me forget about his homophobic, W-lovin, animal-killin'....well, no it doesn't. I'm just saying I like Mike Timlin the baseball player. Closing games is the type of thing that he can hadle with his ego tied behind his psyche.

I watched the second episode of Stella tonight. Those guys crack me up. The concept of the show is that these three dudes are suit-wearing adults who go through life in their apartment as children would. Only with extra-wacky results. So you can see why I'm a fan. And I haven't seen a good three-man comedy team since me, Pat, and our other friend Mike performed and filmed "The Gonzalez Brothers," (at age thirteen) which tracked the adventures of Sunny, Moony, and Starry Gonzalez through my family room. Until Mike had to go home.

Funny, I just saw most of that movie "Thirteen" on HBO, and those girls seem to have a slightly different lifestyle than we did. Where are the sweatpants? The Gonzalez Brothers did NOT wear thongs, my friend. Nor did we cut our arms with scissors, get our tongues pierced, or double team the older boys. Terrible job, today's youth. Get your heads in the game.

In commenting news, in case you didn't know, Blogger sends me every comment you readers make in my email. I noticed that over this weekend, I didn't get any. I chalked it up to the holiday. Today, I was commenting on my own blog, and noticed lots of comments on the blog itself, made this weekend and right through to earlier today. For some reason, either Blogger stopped sending them to me, or my AOL thinks they're spam now. (And there I was wondering why Edmund didn't care about the Drinkwater thing!) So, just so you know, I just now read all your comments from the last few days and responded to a few. I really should respond to more, though, anyway. I'll get on that. Are any of you other Blogger bloggers having this problem?

Yeah, "Thirteen" was really lacking in the sweatpants and Panini football sticker book departments.
I saw that picture of Gammons in the HoF yearbook, too, and I thought to myself, "Couldn't they get a more recent picture?"
I was hoping you'd see that, Empy, as you're the only other Hall Of Fame member I know. I was surprised we got such a nice yearbook from them.

I was also glad I beat you in getting that Gammons pic onto the internet!

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