Sunday, June 12, 2005

The yanks Keep Rollin'...Backwards

yankees score one to go up 2-1 in the top of the seventh. In the bottom of the seventh, Kay and Justice go right into "glory days" mode: Sturtze is the bridge to Gordon and Rivera, bla bla bla. Six inning game, because, in their minds, anyway, the starting pitching is that good, and so is the pen.

Then boom, single, boom, home run. Goodbye lead. Stanton comes in, allows two more of Sturtze's runners to score, and it's 5-2. Goodbye game. 3-9 for them on their big road trip. Can't wait to hear Francesa tomorrow.

And it was even more sweet because after the Jeter-inspired rally to put them ahead, they kept talking about how much Derek and the yankees want to win (as if that means they automatically will win, and as if they're the only team on the field who does want to win).

And I just remembered hearing Sweeney Murti saying how all the yanks need to do is win two of every three games pitched by starters 1-3, and half the time with the other two. Instead, they just pretty much lose every game. This is awesome. And "hard to figure," according to Michael Kay. Ha ha. Asshole.

There was also a funny moment when Matsui fell going for a ball out in right field. This Matsui thing is great. After being crowned MVP after the first two weeks of the season by all the usual suspects (Waldman, Sterling, Kay, Fancesa), he's hitting 20 points below his career average, with four HR. (While looking at his career stats, I noticed he played in 163 games in 2003. Does anyone know how if this is a misprint? Has to be, right?)

We were also told that Matsui was this amazing center fielder, who played there for ten years in Japan, and it should be no problem for him. Yet in reality, no matter where he is in the outfield, he looks like a Little Leaguer. And I heard that Don Mattingly said this about him: He makes up for his weak arm with the way he gets momentum before he throws the ball. I swear, he actually said that.

I don't really hate Matsui. I've always felt they took him into yankee-ville, and told him, "Oh yeah, everybody LOVES the yankees. We're known as the "good guys," you'll love it. Welcome to the GOOD side." And Hideki just didn't understand what the hell they were talking about, and just signed his soul away, somewhat unknowingly. So, while I hope he isn't seriously injured after his fall today, I still revel in rooting against his overrated ass.

By the end of that 7th inning, Kay and Justice had more or less talked the Yankees' way into first place. "Well, they can definitely catch the Orioles, and even though they've had a terrible road trip, they can take solace that they're a team playing BELOW expectations. Now, what I mean by that is..."

I love that Sweeney Murti analysis. "Win two of three from their 1-3, half of their 4-5 starter's games."

Yeah, no shit Sweeney. Maybe they could start by beating teams like the Royals and Brewers? You know, you can break it down however you want- doing that ain't easy.
I was sitting at my in-laws house, surrounded by Yankee fanatics. When Matsui put the Yanks up, that was going to be the turning point for the season, gloriously winning the Series and restoring the dynasty. I pointed out that the Yankee bullpen is not exactly fearsome, and went to get a hot dog. When I got back, the Yanks were down 5-2 and looking beat.

I said, "You know, its like the Sox beat all the life, all the pride out of the whole Yankee organization last fall. I mean, they roll into town and beat the Yanks as viciously as any team in history, and the Yanks just roll over and take it. That's got to be demoralizing, for the Sox to come in and own Yankee Stadium like they do."

And then Wake gets his groove back.
The sad thing is that Matsui really is their best defensive OF'er right now. Bernie has nuthin' left out there, and Sheffield is a terrible fielder. Matsui can't run or throw, but he's easily the best option they've got in CF right now.

Hamburger Helper still sucks.

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