Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Warning: Dream Descriptions Ahead

I dreamt of a tornado over the east river. It didn't move, but everyone was panicking as if it was about to. While planning my escape route, I thought back to how I'd just written something in my blog about "Orwell's War Of The Worlds," only I called it "Ortiz' Land Of The Lost." I hoped the tornado scare would end soon, so I could go back and fix my error before anyone saw it. And I thought of what jokes I could make to make it seem like I made the mistake on purpose. I finally got to a computer and corrected the mistake. As I went back outside, into tornado-dodging mode (I should have just stayed inside), I realized I'd written it wrong in another instance, and had to get back and fix that one. The dream turned to images of driving over non-existent bridges over the east river, and then I woke up.

The funny thing is, I realized when I woke up that Orwell wrote 1984, Wells wrote War of the Worlds.

And I didn't go back and change this.

If I were Chan, I'd probably end this with something like "Oh well, all's well that ends not well (or well)." But I'll leave that stuff to Chan.

Note: The fact that there's a new WOTW with that ass Tom Cruise had nothing to do with this dream, I'm quite certain.


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