Saturday, June 25, 2005

Us Vs. Them

Let's take a look at how the Red Sox starters have done compared to the yanks', over the last time through their rotations:

Red Sox:

Wakefield at PHI: 8 IP 0 ER Win
Miller at CLE: 5 IP 1 ER No Decision
Arroyo at CLE: 7 IP 1 ER Win
Wells at CLE: 5 IP 4 ER Win
Clement vs PIT: 7 IP 0 ER Win

Pretty damn good. And in the 42 innings they pitched before that, they gave up 9 earned runs.

Now, the yanks: (Get your laughin' pants on)

Mussina vs NYM: 6 IP 4 ER Loss
Wang vs TB: 6 IP 5 ER Loss
Pavano vs TB: 6.2 IP 5 ER Loss
Johnson vs TB: 3 IP 7 ER No Decision
Henn vs TB: 4.2 IP 3 ER Loss

This says a lot. I'm sure you can find this stuff in three-dimensional graph form somewhere else, but this just shows you the basics. Pitching is key, is all I'm sayin'. Also, look at the opponents and the home/road.

HEY are you trying to say something about my graphs? ;-)

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