Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Some Sweep Or Broom Related Title That's Been Used Before

Sweep! Over the nine-game-win-streak Indians. Gold. This game was on ESPN, so I got to see it. We're one game back.

OlderDude with a key homer. Chopper with a homer and a game-winning double. We even got past Captain Cheese's usual routine. And I love our starting pitching right now.

I'm hopefully going to post a really cool piece of video from the other night in Cleveland. But first I'm going to watch the two-hour documentary on the movie Jaws, which came with the thirtieth anniversary edition DVD I bought at Newbury Comics. Chan's been making fun of me for buying the thirtieth, since I already own the twenty-fifth. So I have five years to watch the extra stuff on this one, before I buy the thirty-fifth anniversary edition.

Stay tuned for fun stuff.

In other news, I like this living-with-Chan lifestyle. All that's missing from this apartment is our friend Gumby. The three of us used to hang out in the mid-nineties, staying up all night watching Mr. Belvedere and Small Wonder. This reminds me of those really fun days. Only now we've got New York City right outside instead of the wilderness of Connecticut. (Which can be cool, too.) Anyway, Gumby's off in Texas or some big western state, going through training for the Air National Guard. Which is something I totally can't relate to. But he's not one of those guys. He just loves to fly, and wants to do it all the time. The point is, even though Chan sometimes leaves the shower head pointed in a weird direction that causes the floor to get all wet, and even though he likes "ambient light," instead of one big light that lights the whole room (come on, Chan, seriously), he's still fun to live with. Here's his underrated and under-updated blog.

Here's to swimmin' with bowl-legged women...

Damn, Jere, that is one of my favorite movies of all f'n time. A couple of weeks ago, I was crossing North Street, here in Salem, and as I waited for the light to change, I noticed a flyer stapled on the telephone pole at the light advertising a free showing of JAWS at the town hall. Unfortunately, I was reading it 30 minutes into the actual showing. I have ALWAYS wanted to see it on the big screen. "That's some bad hat, Harry." Classic.
My mom says that Jaws was the first movie I ever heard. She saw it in the theater in August '75, while eight months pregnant with me. Hence me hearing and not seeing it on that occasion.

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