Thursday, June 30, 2005

Some Minor Zoo-age

Sheffield got a two-game suspension for showing up that ump against the Mets. He's appealing it, so it'll probably go down to 0 or -1 games. There's also a rumor about Shef going to Florida for Juan Encarnacion and A.J. Burnett. Which is further proof that the yanks are trying to get rid of him, I think.

Quantrill and Stanton have been released. Too bad. I liked seeing them out there.

Another report says that the yanks will get a center fielder. Well, they better, since they've got Tony Womack out there.

Stay tuned for more chaos.

i love it so much i can hardly stand it.

my sis doesn't seem to have a problem with Sheffield's attitude at all. i don't understand that. i would have a major problem with that dude if he was on my team.
Seriously. He totally gets the "Gas Face" for this. What an ass. I remember last year, after the ALDS, he still couldn't admit it to himself that we preservered. When asked if the better team won, naturally, he said, "No." Denial!
I meant ALCS.
I'll say it: The yankees are the worst team in baseball.

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