Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Pic by Mark Leporati, I'd guess
Jere originates the Johnny Damon look, 1994.

How come Damon looks cool with his hair, but I looked like a boob? Anyway, the funny thing about this picture is how a young Chan is in the background. (What's he holding, his thesis?) Eleven years later, we're roommates in NYC. And I loved that Helmet shirt. Too bad about the sweat stains, though. They really killed that shirt.

New York media update: As I predicted, they're all shocked and surprised about the following items: A. Pedro's really good. B. Pedro gets along with teammates. C. Pedro pitches well against the yanks.

Mike & the Mad Dog must have read my mind, and decided to see how pissed off they could make me. "NOBODY thought he'd do this good." "He gets along with everybody!" "He looks like a Cy Young winner!" "He even pitched well against the yanks, which he NEVER does." I'm really fuming about this, even though I knew I'd be hearing it all. The yankees thing really gets me. It's the best example of how people will believe what everyone else is saying, even if they see the opposite with their own eyes. No, wait, they don't see, because they don't even look.

Was I exaggerating when I said, "Hey New York, Pedro's awesome, you'll love him, etc, etc."? We all knew this, right? All of us who pay attention anyway. And we saw him strike out 17 yanks. And outduel Clemens not once, but several times? And even in the "Grady Little" game, pitch his heart out, after Roger had long dried off from his early shower? These people are complete idiots.

Then, of course, Kay chimed in on his show, saying he'd ask Minaya if he thought Pedro would be THIS GOOD. These people know who this guy is, right? I just don't understand humans.

It's just a shame that dirtdog drove our Pedro out of town. At least Pedro's pissing the yankee fans off, too. Except for those 90% who "just root for New York," i.e. "always have an alternate when one team is shitting the bed."

I watched the Brewers third baseman just blatantly miss a line drive by Sheffield with two outs in the first. Then A-Rod homered,and the Brewskis never recovered. Terrible job.

The Red Sox are in the fifth, and it looks like ESPN is NOT showing the game due to the rain delay, screwing us as usual. I guess Castiglione will sing me to sleep tonight.

wow, jere, that pic is really awful. and how do sweat stains show on a black shirt? funny how chan looks exactly the same.
That's rude. Anyone else think that's rude? Terrible job, Rebecca. The correct response is "Oh, you didn't look like a boob, you looked so, so great and awesome."

The sweat stains didn't show that much, but they just made the entire armpit area stiff and kind of grey.

Chan does look the same. He's watching Katie Holmes on Letterman right now, and I can confirm the sameness.

I put on the TV last night and saw the Red Sox congratulating on the field. So ESPN eventually went to the game, but I didn't see one pitch.
Didn't Helmut do a song with House of Pain? That 'Just Another Victim' tune? Feelin' Like Deniro in Taxi Driver.Oh, the times I rocked out on the AXIS dance floor to that number. Good, good song.
yup, that was them. "...with Jodi Fawtsta/and Harvey Kei-tel..."

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