Thursday, June 23, 2005

P For Psyched

Why aren't yankee fans booing? Three out of four to Tampa at home. My guess is that they all think that the yanks are in first place.

Jeter made a key error, and of course it was repeatedly called a "rare" error by Jim Kaat. He also grounded into an equally key double play.

Giambi finally bunted against the shift and it worked--unfortunately for him the team was down five in the ninth. Good call, chief.

With Baltimore's loss to BJ's wholesale, we're a half game out of first place, and the yanks are a half game away from fourth.

Tomorrow I go to Philly for Sox-Steaks. I just found out that Philly is only 96 miles away, a lot closer than I thought. I should be home by midnight. Maybe if Alan Em-room-temperature-Brie does well this weekend, we can start calling him Captain Cream Cheese.

I can't believe I didn't metion Family Ties when describing my Ohio trip. Now Chan and I are trying to come up with a sitcom that took place in Philly. Please help us. I understand that in Philly, a place called the Plateau is where everybody go. And I guess I could go to the Rocky Library or whatever.

Now that the yanks have ended, we've switched over to Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Which brings back memories of the high school Chan. You see, Chan was the ultra-rare kid who lived by himself in high school. At times. His parents stayed in Hong Kong when he came to the U.S., and he stayed with an uncle, who would leave for extended periods of time. I remember being over at the Chan bachelor pad for the 92 or 93 Finals. Chan was a huge Jordan fan, and I think me and our friend Mike were rooting for Phoenix just to piss Chan off. Of course, he was probably pissed enough that we were invading his little unsupervised house. Anyway, now we're about to see if it's better to be Pist-on than Spur. Chan thinks I'm crazy when I say basketball is boring, since I'm a baseball fan. I need to start making bets with him to make this more interesting.

Okay, I bet him two bucks the Spurs would make the next three-pointer. He said if I'm right, he gets me an ice cream cone from the Baskins & Robbins/Dunkin Donuts, and if I'm wrong, I get him a coffee from the Baskins & Robbins/Dunkin Donuts...

Wow, this is exciting now...

Pistons just missed a three. Sigh of relief.

Oh my god, the Pistons just made an apparent three, Chan celebrated and everything. But the guy's foot was on the line! I survive. And we go to the fourth quarter. Stay tuned...

Double Dare (not quite a sitcom) was filmed in Philly before they moved it to Orlando after the first few seasons.

Otherwise, not much has been filmed in Philly. Angie, and Mary Kay and Johnny (apparently the first sitcom) are the only others.
I love your blog,
check out

i just checked out that guy's blog. No kidding, it mentions Hitler in the first line of the subtitle.

I live in Philly and I've never heard of the Plateau before. Philly is a great place to live though, and it's really close to NYC. I go up to Yankee Stadium a few times a year to get heckled in my Red Sox uniform. (Happened to catch the 17-1 game this year. Man, that was great...) Theres nothing really interesting to do down by the Phillie's park (The Bank as it's known here). The area is basically a huge parking lot for the myriad of stadiums that this city's sports teams require. If you want to see anything interesting you have to take the subway up too the Walnut/Locust stop.

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