Sunday, June 19, 2005

O Me O, O Mi O

This is a good sign, that the starting pitching has been so good. That's what's gonna determine how far into October we go. Great job by Matty today. It's also good to win 8-0 without Manny or Johnny in the lineup. And even Captain Cheese did pretty good. You know, except for that one triple he gave up. But then he struck out Michael "Festivus For The" Restovich, before retiring Tike Redman, who needs no nickname, to end the eighth. Then he got the side in order in the ninth. I'm hoping they kept Cheese blindfolded until he came in, and then told him the team was up by one and he had to go two innings for the save. If that was the case, then he did a great job under that kind of pressure. But terrible job for not asking why the scoreboard said it was eight to nothing.

Tomorrow I wake up early and head for Cleveland, where I'll see Monday and Tuesday's games. If there are no posts here until Wednesday, it's because I couldn't find a hot spot or whatever. And I pretty much refuse to go into an "internet cafe." So hopefully I'll be able to post, and then put up some pics eventually. I also hope to meet Tim, who you know as Bullshit Memorial, and his Broseph at the Jake, as they just happen to have to tickets for Monday as well. Looks like Wells against C.C. "You can't call him 'Black Sabathia' because it would sound racist, even though you're just going for the 'Black Sabbath'-style play on words" Sabathia. So how about C.C. "DeVille was in Poison, not Black" Sabathia?

Ohio here I etc. etc.


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