Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New Record

I've set yet a new record in seeing consecutive Red Sox games in different ways. Starting from last week's second Indians game:

6/21 live at Jake
6/22 on ESPN
6/24 live at Philly
6/25 on Fox
6/26 on NESN at parents' house
6/27 on MLB.tv at RebDog's house

Tonight I'm out of luck.

At this point, I could get the mlb.tv deal or the extra innings deal, but it's just so much monney for so much that I don't want. And the season's half over anyway. And I do seem to see a lot of games anyway through all my alternate sources. So I'm gonna keep doing it this way, and go with my Gameday Audio when necessary.

The yankee "state of the organization meetings lasted 5 hours today, per ESPN. All that came out of it is that all the coaches' jobs appear to be safe. I still say Torre's done, though. We'll see.

New blog by a NYC Sox fan: RandomFandomRedSoxNYC.


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