Friday, June 17, 2005

My Bus On The News

I was watching the Channel 7 news, and I saw a story about kids at MY former high school getting a letter in the mail saying they wouldn't be graduating. It was a hoax, but they haven't figured out who did it yet. It was kind of weird that the New York news cared about the high school in Ridgefield, CT. I didn't see anyone I knew, which makes sense since I graduated 12 years ago. But when they showed a bus going by (you know, so you knew it was a school), it was bus 2. My bus. A star.

In more news you couldn't possibly care about, remember when I was talking about Kim's, and the rudeness of their employees? Well, I read in the New York Times that the place got busted for bootlegs last week, and five employees were arrested and tossed in jail for the night. Normally, I'd root against the cops in a case like this. But when I read that five of the rudest, snobbiest people in the city had to sleep in a jail cell, I jumped for joy. Good to see them get theirs, if only on a small scale. See how life works? When someone is a dick to you or anyone else, don't do anything except silently root for bad things to happen to them. Eventually, they get theirs, and like Mr. Henry in Bottle Rocket, you laugh your "fucking head off." (see world vs. New York yankees.)

I never answered Sam on the "what's with the cat-bird" issue. Uh, I like to do draw-rings.

Also, I'm I alone in wondering when someone will leave a suicide note on their blog?

Yo, I was at Kim's like an hour before they got raided!

Honestly, I have two things to say about this- first, you couldn't be more right about them being snobby pieces of shit. I used to work at one of the stores across the street (Joe's 13), and we all hated those assholes. They're just rotten (but there's one nice guy- this spacey English fella with a beard in DVDs).

And also, apparently they got busted because someone that got fired from there knew someone in a position to be ordering a "raid," because every one of those stores along St Marks sells LOADS of bootlegs, including especially the joint I used to work at.

Very interesting though. I can't believe they arrested the clerks, that's especially smile-inducing.
blog suicide notes? That's so livejournal!
Hey, now ...
Ha ha, word, Twitch, word.

Jere, glad you decided to, hm, clear that up.
Disclaimer on my earlier comment- I do have a livejournal, also named twitch124. The comment was made with affection. Or possibly self-loathing. Which is a very livejournal identity conflict, anyway.

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