Friday, June 24, 2005

Mets Pep Talk

I'm realizing just how important this Mets-yanks series could be, for the Mets, the yanks, the Red Sox, baseball in general...the world as we know it.

The yanks have just lost three of four to Tampa Bay at home. (Although, according to A-Rod, the Rays have "a pretty good team over there." Yes, he really said that.) They may be done for this season. The one thing that can save them is something that gives them momentum. Momentum they actually keep--a thirteen run inning and and eight run comeback didn't do it for them, but they're still within striking distance. What's the one thing that will make arrogant New Yorkers, and who knows, maybe even the yanks themselves, believe that they can actually win this year? A pummeling of good old lil' brudder--and look who's coming to the Bronx this weekend.

Usually this series comes up, and I don't think too much about it, often ignoring it, until I hear about game one: Two costly Met errors lead to a yankee win. Something like that. The yanks always seem to win this series, based on the nervousness of the Mets alone. We always end up talking about how the Mets should've taken two of three.

It's like the Mets are the JV team to the yanks' high school varsity team. The varsity could be 0-12 vs. the other towns, but when they play the JV squad once a year, all of a sudden they're playing a team that looks up to them and is just happy to be on the same field. Jeter's like the cool senior, who, while maybe not all-conference, strikes awe in the minds of the starry-eyed frosh.

This time, Mets, please step up. I'm hoping Pedro's that defiant sophomore who knows these guys are nothing to worry about, and he lets everyone else know it.

Come on Mets, win two games of this series and the yanks might phone it in from here on out. Sweep and cause utter chaos.

Do it! Get your heads in the game! I'll be in Philly tonight, and when I check the out-of-town scores, I don't want to see "4-0 yanks in the fourth." I want Met runs early and often. And Pedro, I know I don't need to tell you what to do. You're only the best pitcher against the yanks who people think can't beat the yanks. I know you'll show up.

Let's go Mets!

And so he did. Pedro looked pretty psyched walking off the field tonight, pointing up. Hey, you can catch it pretty soon on yankees encore; it's the top of the 8th right now.

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