Monday, June 06, 2005

Life's A Beached Whale

The first beach day of the year, even though the water was colder than a yankee player at a World Champions banquet in December. Still, always a good feeling to walk along the really sharp rocks and scalding sand barefoot. Reb Dog came down to the beach, and I was happy to find out she was down with foot torture, too. It's just fun. Add to that a Red Sox win, with another key hit by my brother David, and a yankee loss. After the Twins took a 9-3 lead in the eighth, Sterling said, "Good night, Gracie." Indeed. Which reminds me, another thing from yesterday that pissed me off was when the yanks had come back to tie the game at three late, and Sterling said, "The yanks were dead in the water at 3-0 in the fifth." Yeah, no $200 million team has ever come back from a three run deficit with five innings left to play.

I finally got all my crapptiy crap out of my sister's attic, as her house is in it's final days in her hands, before being sold to a Red Sox fan dude and his family, who I met the other day. Now half of my crap is New Haven, (where the above-mentioned beach is) in my parents' attic. The other half will be crammed into my apartment here in NYC. It seems to be 75 degrees out now, past midnight. Which in the city feels like 95. But I like it. I like my feet bloody and my t-shirt drenched.

In other Sox news, that Queer Guy makeover show featuring Red Sox players is on tomorrow (Tues.) though I can't remember what channel it's on. It, like all things tied in any way to the 2004 Champs, will most assuredly be gold. Can't wait to see those fellas sculpting Mirabelli's eyebrows, or exfoliating him or whatever.
Wait, Jere, your last name is Arias? I thought it was Smith. I'm confused. Again.
I went to elementary school with a kid whose first name was Arias. While trick or treating in my neighborhood, he asked Mrs. Guido if she was related to Daryl Strawberry, because of her strawberry-colored hair. (Pat can back me up on this one.) But that's my only Arias connection.
I hereby confirm the Arias/Guido/Strawberry story as true.

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