Friday, June 03, 2005

Johnny Thunders A Glam-Winning Hit

Johnny Damon's got a new look. With that clean-shaven face, flowing locks, and the facial injuries causing him to look like a glam-rocker, I think he should be called "Johnny Thunders" for a while, although he could really pass for any member of:

Or even "Damon Bowie."

Check him out. That right side of his face has the blush, the Cleopatra-style mascara, it's amazing (but even more so on TV):
CP photo of Glam Johnny

I'm feelin' good all over after watching the love-fest at Fenway tonight. (I'm in NESN country after hauling crap from old storage area--my sister's house--to new storage area--my parents' house.)

The Cabrera ovation was beautiful. (Dirt dog must have told the fans to do it, how else would they have known??? By the way, why is he still in my links section, especially after he kicked me off the feedster? He's coming off right now.) Orlando also thanked me and you in a pre-game interview. I'll see him in September at Fenway.

The result of the game was equally beautiful. Johnny Damon with the key three-run, game-winning double. Ah, the three-run double. I believe this is my favorite type of hit in baseball. It sounds like a dessert.

"I'll have the three-run double."

"Would you like that 'game-winning'?"

David Lander, TV's "Squiggy," was interviewed before and during the game. He has MS and is going around the country spreading the word about fighting the disease. But he goes around the country anyway, because Squiggy is a scout for the Mariners! Wow. You learn something new roughly 1.0 times a day. As it turns out, he was a baseball writer before going into acting. Also note his baseball predictions on his website, where he picks the Sox to win the east, and takes a jab at the yanks. He also said that "Lenny & Squiggy" were characters Michael McKeon and he had been doing for nine years before they wrote them into Laverne & Shirley. (Remember whe they reunited on SNL for "Quentin Tarantino's Welcome Back Kotter"?) And speaking of McKeon, I heard Christopher Guest won't be doing any more "mock-umentaries." That's a shame. But not confirmed.

When one of the NESN people interviewed Mr. Landers during the game, they called him "Lenny." Terrible job. If you're make the embarrassing mistake of calling someone by their character name from thirty years ago, at least say the right name! That's like seeing Barry Williams on the street and yelling, "Hey, Sam the Butcher!"

The yankees are now four losses away from completely negating their ten game win streak. Watching the end of that game tonight after the Sox ended was a nice capper to the evening. I liked how the camera turned the tables on Jeter, cutting immediately to a shot of him in the dugout when the game ended. They may as well have had the words "YOUR FAULT" flashing on the screen in big red letters while showing him. Then they cut to more Twins celebrating, before going right back to the yankee dugout, for a shot of a dejected A-Rod. Ha.

[Edit--stuff I forgot: Lou Merloni was interviewed tonight, and they didn't even ask him how he felt when the Sox won it all! Or whether or not he got a ring. Hey, I can dream on his behalf. Good to see Lou, says he'll be out for the year with his injury. Bruce Hurst was interviewed, and he professed his continuing love for the Sox, saying how great it was last year, and that he loved the fans so much that he even liked it when he was booed. And I guess the "B Ruth Curse" anagram is no longer relevant. Finally, With City Sox Girl was talking about the "Mr. T In Your Pocket" the other day, a device which I, naturally, own. I wanted to do an audioblog and play T's six classic sayings, but audioblogger seems to be out of commission. So I'll have to write them out. (Say them in your best T voice.)

1. "I pity the fool"
2. "Don't gimme no backtalk, sucka"
3. "Quit your jibba jabba"
4. "Don't make me mad. Rrrrrrrr"
5. "First name Mister, middle name Period, last name...T"
6. "Shut up, fool"]

(sorry for wordy reply)

1. I had a dream about my in laws, who are in Pittsburgh, and I swear it's because David Lander was talking about his college days and the invention of the Lenny and Squiggy characters (he and Michael McKean went to Carnegie Tech). And I thought his appearance in A League of Their Own was a coincidence. Now I know different.

2. Say it isn't so re: Christopher Guest. Unless he comes out as a basebal scout too, he'd better get his ass back into the mockumentary world.

3. isn't it weird how Johnny looked even prettier with all the bruising? I thought the one on his cheek sort of looked like a hickey. I saw him chatting about it with Orlando when he got on base. Orlando looked deeply concerned. I almost lost it.

4. ...or asking him if he brings Alice the meat....

5. I wonder if they were careful with the Lou WS question because he's an Angel now. Who knows? But, you can tell he wanted them to ask. He was ready to bust out. You know how animated he gets. Oh, I'm sad that they didn't ask.

6. You've made me wish I had purchased the Mr. T gadget. Next time I'm at N CmX......
David Lander is one of the "original 75" that bought the first Bill James Abstract...and has long been a member of the sabermetric community.
You know, I was thinking almost exactly that when the camera showed Johnny at the plate... with the cleanshaven face he looks almost pretty. Is he shaping his eyebrows or something? Are his eyelashes unusually thick? It was strange and distracting.
I found a photo of Damon from when he was with the Royals. Same brow shape and thickness, different spacing. He might be fixing a monobrow, but I don't think it's more dramatic than that.

I haven't noticed his eyelashes, but he's half Thai so they're probably naturally thick.

He's got a really, really prominent brow ridge. That screams "Male" and kills any impressions of pretty from most angles for me. Hot, yes, but he can probably balance a pencil on each eyebrow without trying too hard.
I was just talking about his "look" brought on by his injury. I think it was the stiches that made the eyes look all Cleopatra-ed out. And the cheek bruise looked like blush.

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