Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It Begins. No, It Continues.

The first report was that the yanks were considering trading Gary Sheffield to the Mets for Mike Cameron. To this, Shef responded "I'm not going."

Then Torre told Gary that what really happened was that the Mets inquired about a trade and the yanks said "No, thanks."

The Mets are not commenting.

The key here is that we found out how Shef would react if the yanks really were considering trading him, which is to say, "I'm taking my glove and going home." He also said (after he was talked to by Torre) that if the yanks were considering trading him, it would be personal, and he wouldn't accept the trade, because of "concessions he made." Which is interesting, since he does NOT have a no-trade clause in his contract.

I liked how he said it would be personal. Like, he's saying, George, if you think about trading me, I WILL hate you for it. That can only lead to bad things in the Bronx.

Bring on the chaos!

As for Cameron's take on these events, he's blessed us with this quadruple (Or as Jan Brady once said, "Four-ple") negative:

"Don't ask me about no trade because I don't know nothing about it."

So we CAN ak him about a trade, because he DOES know something about it?

Thought so. This totally proves my theory that the yankees and Mets talked about this, which is what was going on in those meetings, and when Shef started babbling about it, Steinbrenner sent Torre to go in and tell him it was all the Mets' fault. And George paid Minaya to keep his mouth shut about it. And that isn't not the truth.

It's good to see, though, that finally this season Sheff is coming off as a jackass in the media. After the RF corner incident at Fenway, the guy was being sainted for - as far as I could tell - getting held back by 5 teammates and his manager. Sheff wanted to rip the guy's head off. Luckily, this one can't be spun no matter how hard they may try.
I don't know if you meant to do this or what, but all your links are gone but the NY-Related blogs. Is this payback for the Dean vs Bob thing? Are you choosing sides now or something?
This and that play the other night when he went nuts on that ump. Still waiting on his punishment (ha!) for that one.

And WCSG, maybe the links went to the bottom of the page due to extra large pics, which will happen no more thanks to Blogger's new pic-post-friendly lifestyle!

They should be there. I see them. Widen your window, see if that works.
Der. Yes, they are there.
It's nice to see the Radio shows in New York finally start to talk about Gary Sheffield, the player the rest of the Baseball world knows. The Gary Sheffield that is and has always been a malcontent. The Gary Sheffield that doesn't always give you a 100% because he decides that he doesn't like his contract anymore.

God George and the Yankees deserve Gary Sheffield.
The above wasn't meant to be anonymous. Damn fat fingers hit enter instead of shift.
Hey, those fat fingers got me an extra comment! 74 more on this post and I'll be at Surviving Grady level!
Somebody (I think on SoSH or mentioned that all those quotes from Sheff on his trade reminded them of Leon from Budweiser. Just throwing them out there, because I thought it was particularly appropriate.

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