Thursday, June 30, 2005

In Cold Joy Of Blog Sox

I'd just like to point out the great job that Allan is doing with both of his blogs. In Cold Blog is the political one, and Joy Of Sox is the Red Sox one. I've been a fan of his since before I started this blog, and I don't think I've plugged him in a while. But that's not the main reason I'm plugging him now. He's been linked on bostondirtdogs for a long time. DD's old blurb about his site was "The right Sox blog if you can stand the left wing politics," which implied that we, the readers, were automatically right wing people, which, clearly, many of us are not. Well, now that Alan has separated the church of Fenway from the state of the nation, Dirtdog's blurb (about only Joy Of Sox) is "New and improved without the politics." Which, of course, implies that Joy Of Sox wasn't as good when it talked about left-wing politics, because, we, the readers, are automatically right-wing people, which, once again, many of us are not.

I just don't like the cheap shots dd uses when plugging Alan's work, and just wanted to let everyone, left, right, whatever, know about BOTH his fine blogs.

But I'm sure you know about them already.

I'd e-mail dd about this, but I wouldn't want my e-mail to get lost and have to send it again to that racist bastard.

Also, since I botched the link a few days ago for RandomFandomRedSoxNYC, here it is again. I mean, for the first time.


Thanks for the plug(s).

Actually, DD changed the tag line (if that's what it's called) for the non-baseball blog at my request.

Shortly after I split the blogs up, I met DD at the SoSH Trophy Bash in Boston this past winter, and when I jokingly told him that he should be glad now, he said he had been about ready to remove my link from his list of Sox blogs because of the political posts. (Though I know he likes the Sox stuff and has cited JoS several times in his own posts.)

Anyway, months go by and I go back to his site and end up noticing that the little ID thing had not changed. So I emailed him and said something like "hey, no more politics so you should change the info tag."

So he did. It's not exactly the description I would have written, but whatever. (Fascinating look behind the scenes, huh?)

I agree. It is weird how sports people/fans are assumed to be de facto right wingers. I don't get it.

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