Saturday, June 18, 2005

"Hey Pop, I Need A Batter"

Chan, Reb and I went down to the Riv for Sox-Pirates tonight. The Riv seems kind of like it's falling apart at the seams in a way. Being there gives me the suspicion that "everybody's" at Boston 212. There was a mistake with a food order, a cold wind blowing in the section we were in (which prepared me for Fenway tomorrow--but the good news is that the weather looks great for Cleveland and Philly, where I'll be next week.), and as usual, the waitress seemed to forget about us at times. That stuff doesn't really matter to me, as long as I can see the game, because that's why I'm there. And while it seems dead at first glance, when there's a big hit, you realize just how many Sox fans are around you, which is a good thing, especially in New York. And the end of the game was so key, as walkoffs usually are, I forgot about anything that went wrong earlier. You know, until now. But still, maybe we'll try the deuce-ace-deuce next time. (Also, how awesome was C-Tek's blockage of the plate? We all went nuts for that, and again, and again, with each replay shown.)

Then we went on our super secret mission to put a certain sticker with the logo of a certain championship team on a certain sign that says "Do It Again" in a fairly noticeable place in New York City, and that went well. Photographic evidence to follow at a certain site run by a certain girl who was in on the mission. Cheers to Chan, a yankee fan, for reluctantly allowing this.

Then we stopped at Washington Square Park, where, instead of cool people doing cool things and singing cool songs, there was a little circle of older, whiter hippies singing along to a trio playing songs like "Sweet Home Alabama." Weird. But just seeing people out doin' stuff so late at night is good. One of the things I love about this city.

When Chan and I walked Reb back to Grand Central, we saw some Cubs fans, and realized that the Cubs must be staying at the Hyatt, which is adjacent to Grand Central. So we went in. No actual Cub sightings, after all, they should have been in bed at that point. But in the bar, where dozens of Cubs fans all decked out in Cubs gear had gathered, Chan spotted the dude who played Shaq's agent on a Curb Your Enthusuiasm episode. (A show that has three seasons out on DVD, and Chan and I each have every one.) So call that a celebrity sighting if you like. Chan says I'm obsessed with this stuff, but I say, Chan, I'm only looking for Cubs because I know they're here, and I happen to be here. I'd be stupid NOT to keep an eye out. We did have a much better sighting earlier this week, when we noticed the "Wonder of it All" guy inside an Italian restaurant right near our apartment, He was in there seemingly doing some promotional thing for them. I wanted to say to him either "You know that friggin' song is never NOT in my head? Thanks a million" OR "Dude, what the SHIT is with those Leprechauns??"

Right outside Grand Central is a Modell's. In their front window is a display. Mets jerseys down one side, yankees jerseys down the other. A Cards jersey off to the left, a Nationals one off to the right. And right in the middle, the centerpiece of the whole thing, a Red Sox jersey with a Red Sox hat above it, right in front of, blocking, some lesser yankee T-shirts. I love that this is what everybody sees as they get off their train and start their journey through New York City. I hope Rebecca posts the pic she took of it.

Two games out, now. And two more with the Pirates. Let's not lose either, Sox, because, as Pop Fisher once said, "You know how I hate losin' to the Pie-Rits!"


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