Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Foulke Me

Theo: Bullpen help. Now.

Foulke, you made Castiglione mad. And when Castiglione's mad, I'm mad. 8-5 in the eight, you can't lose that game.

And after a really nice yankee loss, too. I'd give this night a half Johnny Peralta's dgo, but it was JPD's master who had the key game-tying hit. Somehow I knew that dgo would come back and btie us in the ass.

And isn't it a rule that when the first two hitters are retired on the first pitch, the third batter has to take a pitch? Because Bellhorn broke that rule, and in the ninth inning at that.

We could've gained a game each on Balty and NY with two wins, but instead they've each gained a game. Terrible job.

In better news, I caught the end of that new show Stella, which is Black, Showalter, and Wain of The State, bringing their live act to the (bronze?) screen. Funny, as expected. I like how everybody uses their real names, and they occasionally break the proverbial fourth wall. I guess that wouldn't sell you on it. But give it a try. Comedy Central, Tuesday, around this time. Minus a half hour.

I *just* got the dgo joke. Hilarious.


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