Thursday, June 16, 2005

Fenway Park, June 15th, 2005

Tonight it was the Red Sox, the Cincinnati Reds, Reb Sox,
Witch City Sox Girl, Empyreal Environs, and me at Fenway, along with 30,000 some odd other, mostly non-blogging, baseball fans.

Check out their sites for pics and whatever else they come up with.

The Cincinnati-themed song they chose to play before the Reds batted was none other than the WKRP in Cincinnati theme. I missed it because I was getting food. Empy told me they played it on Monday, too. While I am a huge fan of that song, couldn't they have at least picked two other tunes, maybe with the word "Red" in the title? Like Andrew W.K.'s "Don't Stop Livin' In The Red," for example. Or maybe a cut from Red Rider, Redman, Red Cross, Redd Kross, Red Aunts, Blonde Redhead, or Simply Red? And, hey, it won't hurt to listen to Red Alert, if ya know what I'm sayin'.

We sat in the same section that my 10-Folk Plan seats are in, only in the second row from the top. Sec 43, Row 49. It's nice up there. And amazingly, it was even colder then I thought it would be. I was actually half joking yesterday, saying how cold it was supposed to be compared to the few days leading up. But I really knew that 64 degrees wasn't that bad. However, they announced the game time tempeature at 49 degrees. Terrible.

The four of us each threw some very minor cash into a "first home run of the game" pool. I had Ortiz. (They made me throw in extra for him.) And wouldn't you know, he hits two off the wall, within a few feet combined of being two dongs, and a deep fly out to right. Nobody homered, so no money changed hands.

The Sox didn't take BP due to the cold and drizzle, which means Rebecca has now seen three games at Fenway, and has never seen batting practice.

The game was sweet, with Bronson getting back to normal. And except for C-Tek's three K's, the offense was gold, too. Timlin and Foulke were good out of the pen. Fortunately, Tito didn't make a withdrawal from the Swiss bank account. (If you're new here, that means he didn't bring in Captain Cheese. Duh.)

Now here's something you might find interesting, or call me a fool for not having known about until tonight. You know how the "bleacher creatures" at yankee Stadium have that roll call thing, where they chant each player's name while the yanks are in field in the bottom of the first, until that player acknowledges them with a wave? Well, apparently, this trend has reached at least one guy at Fenway. This guy yelled something out to Trot with his booming voice, and Trot turned around and gave a wave. Wow, how did Trot hear that, and why did he acknowledge it, I asked myself. Must have been a friend of his, I thought. Then the dude yells something to Manny. Now keep in mind, this guy is 40 rows up in the right field bleachers, trying to get Manny, in left field, to turn around. Forget it, dude, I said to myself. But Manny, as if he were being noticed by the next customer in line at the 7-Eleven, whips around and double points at the guy from 300 feet away. Everybody around the guy immediately went nuts.

So, Fenway Fanatics, tell me, is this guy there every night? Has he done this before? Does he do it to all the players? I only noticed the Trot and the Manny.

I guess it's cool, but it just reminds me so much of that stupid yankee thing, even coming from the same location in the crowd. That and them playing a song before the eighth inning that reminds me of "Cotton-Eye Joe." I guess the quicker you make something uniqulely your own, though, the sooner people will forget where the initial idea came from.

I was told that the old Hartford Whalers theme is now being played at Fenway, but I didn't hear it.

I had fun with my three co-bloggers. Met Witch City for the first time. Good people, those bloggettes.

Will go to bed now, due to the 3:20 AM-ishness of this moment. Have a good one.

I've only been to two games up at Fenway so far this year but I didn't see/hear this guy at either game. But perhaps it's a trick I need to try at the Oakland game in September?
the price we pay for C-tek's extra power this year is the deep swings. I've been seeing a lot of them. And still, Witch City & I are both willing to bet he will get that grand slam this year... someone take us on.
My suggestions: "Red Rain" by Peter Gabriel or "A Kissed Out Red Floatboat" by Cocteau Twins.

Good to see you again, and thanks for the Pac-Men CD. Wakka wakka wakka... neeeee-eeer bloop bloop.

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