Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Drinkwater Vs. Mystery Man

Okay, after reading Edmund Dantes' comment about the Springer guy possibly being the real Drinkwater, I've been sitting here watching the game on ESPN, wondering about Springer, trying to read his face, seeing if he's got a tell, a tell that says, "That fat dude isn't even here, and doesn't even show up til the seventh inning. He is a faux-Drinkwater. I am the real Drinkwater."

Then I got another comment from E.D., proving that Springer is indeed Drinkwater.

I really thought I knew what I was talking about.

So we're back to our original question: Who's the big dude who sits a few seats to Springer's, I mean, Drinkwater's left?

Thanks for the help, Edmund.

we always called him Leatherface before my girlfriend told us who he was.....
This Drinkwater revalation has left me reeling and confused-- I feel like I'm in the Matrix
I never knew his name. I just always knew him as Springer lookalike guy, and the fact he owned Giant Glass. It was from a telecast early in the year when Jerry and Otto Pilot were off on one of their tangents, and they started talking about him. This was early on when there was talk about all the Cell phone wavers behind homeplate.

I think it was around that time they talked about him owning Giant Glass, but I never knew his name until you sent me on this hunt to find confirmation of the Springer guy as Giant Glass owner.

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