Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Diamondbacks In The Wild

I found this quote on a scrap of paper in my pocket: "What can writing 'What can Brown do for the yanks?' do for your journalistic career?" Good call, me. Why do people always think they're the first person to think of that whenever Kevin Brown pitches? Speakin' of that asshole, it was fun to see him all frustrated last night. And the Unit joined him tonight. The yankees' "easily sweep the worst team in baseball" plan is going great, huh? At least we're losing to the first place team.... Too bad that doesn't actually make me feel better about it.

How come announcers always say "the count's even at two and two"? I say the pitcher has the advantage when it's two and two. If you've got two buildings going up, and one will be forty stories high, and the other thirty, and both are currently at the twenty story mark, well, they may have the same amount of stories, but they aren't even. The thirty story building is two-thirds done. The forty story building is only halfway there. Terrible job, announcers.

Tonight, Chan and I went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond. We needed some stuff or whatever, for our new apartment. On our way back, who steps out of a cab and right past my face, but anti-yankee hero Luis Gonzalez. It took me a second for the face to register. I quickly figured it out and said his name, fairly loud, as he walked away from me, but he didn't react. I asked Chan why he thought LuGo didn't respond to me, and Chan said, "Because he's an idiot!" Chan's clearly still a little bitter about 2001. (Ha ha!) While I don't condone stalking, I do recommend you head over to the yuppie bar at 78th and 2nd, and thank him if you haven't had a chance to yet. Or was that 78nd and 2th? Either way. We did confirm that the D-Backs are in town, not that we needed to, since he's got such a distinctive face.

Speaking of stalking, after Rebecca whitefemailed me, and posted one of my pics of the Sox on the street from last weekend, I figure I will put some more of those shots up here. But I'll wait for the right time, and scatter them. Funny thing is, those shots I had were blown away by the shots of Rebecca with, like, every player on the team anyway.

Finally, the long awaited Part 2 of the "Red Sox Logos In Nature" series. (And you thought I was kidding.) So here it is, the Red Sox "B" tree, New Milford, CT. If you look closely, you'll notice the actual "B" superimposed over the tree. I did this on my video camera using the shot of the tree and a shot of my dirty Sox hat.

While visiting the Jersey shore last weekend, I noticed that a gaggle of geese had pooped out the characters "GEDMAN 10" along the shore of a small pond near my friend's house, but I wasn't sure whether this qualified as a "Red Sox Logo in Nature" or not. Didn't have a camera anyway. Keep 'em comin'!!!
am I missing something here where's the pic, jere?
Should be there now. Terrible job by computers.

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