Sunday, June 12, 2005

Blood And Cubs

A pretty odd weekend so far. Friday I went to the Riv, where, because it was a weekday afternoon, a sparse crowd had gathered for the first ever Red Sox-Cubs game at Wrigley. A terrible loss, but a great mozzerella sandwich. Then I just sat in Washington Square Park for a while, and let the late afternoon shower rain on my head. Then I watched some street basketball. I thought maybe I'd see some dude with a cool nickname who'd later make the NBA. But these guys weren't the best. They did gather quite a crowd, though, and it was a whole league with a guy announcing over a megaphone and everything. Then that night Chan and I went to a movie, as was described elsewhere on this blog.

Saturday, I headed up to CT, because my former roommate, bandmate, and public access show co-host Brian was filming a movie. I played a dude whose friends turn into zombies upon hearing a possessed cd. I killed one of them with some hedge clippers, before getting my head chopped off by a radio. I got to say a line as just my head, which was cool.

I headed back to the city, my face covered with fake blood. In the car I heard the end of the second Cubs game. Terrible job once again by the pen. That ninth inning was really tough, getting the tying run on second. Really tough. Today we close out the series. I wonder if the National League will have some new rule where you have to round the bases twice to score a run, and we'll suddenly have to play by their rules in the middle of the season. Stupid interleague play. Unneccesarily screwing up teams for almost ten years. End it, MLB.

Then I drove through Spanish Harlem on my way home. While I knew that the Puerto Rican Day Parade was today, I didn't know that up there, they celebrate it over the whole weekend. It was awesome. Everybody outside, the PR flag flying everywhere. And then, another late afternoon shower. A beautiful summer scene. The rain also allowed me to put my hood up walking home, which kind of concealed the fake blood all over my face.

Today I'll hit the actual parade. I don't like parades, unless it's pretty much this one, a gay pride one, or a Red Sox World Series one.

[Edit, 7/12/05. I never did talk about that parade. Here's a shot from it.]

Sounds like a cross between "Shaun of the Dead" and Mark Borchardt's "Coven." Be sure to keep us posted.

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