Thursday, June 16, 2005


In honor of Pac-Man's 25th birthday, here's a link to the Pac-Man game using actual humans, which I want to get into a game of. Of course, everyone knows Ms. Pac-Man is the far superior game. Still, happy birthday Pac-Man.

24 years younger than Pac-Man this week is Bullshit Memorial Stadium, the "stuff at the bottom" of the Italian Ice that is the Red Sox blogging world. I guess if you've never had Italian Ice, you might think that's an insult. But trust me, that stuff is the best part of the Italian Ice. What is that stuff? It is a mystery, and that's why so is BSM. (Apologies to Jack Handey.) Go wish him a happy 1st, and tell him "anti-terrible job."

The other day, when the NBA Finals was two games to nothing, Michael Kay was talking about his disinterest in it. He said how if the series goes to 3-0, game four would get beaten by reruns of sitcoms. "Who's gonna watch when you already know the outcome?" How quickly he takes special yankee-brand (TM) memory-erasing tablets.

Finally, here's a shot I took of everyone from last night's blogger's night out:
Camera by Rebecca
Clockwise from left: Empy's Red Sox fan angel (on right shoulder, note that there's no yankee fan devil on her other shoulder, as he never stood a chance), Empy, the Citgo sign at a crazy angle, Rebecca, and The Good Witch.

Jere- LITERALLY the nicest thing anyone's ever said about me. Seriously. Italian ice endings- ugh. Like mannah from heaven!

We gotta meet up and say hey in Cleveland, man. It'd be a crime not to...

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