Saturday, June 25, 2005

Bernie Goes Oops

Yesterday, the Mets became the first team in National League history to hit three sacrifice flies in one inning. I love when something happens that never did before. The reason they got three is because Bernie Williams dropped a fly ball, which counted as a sac fly, even though no out was recorded.

Here's an interesting thing about when a routine fly is dropped. I listened to the recap of yesterday's Mets-yanks game on both the Mets and yankees stations. (Yes, they both come in all the way down to Philly.) Both played their calls of the dropped fly.

Interruption: McCarver just PISSED me off. He just said how the Red Sox have a lot of fans following them at other teams' parks--and here's the ignorant part--"particularly after last season." Just drop dead already, you paying-no-attention-to-what-the-hell's-going-on son of a bitch. Thousands of casual baseball fans, thanks to that one ounce of diarrhea out of McCarver's mouth now think, Oh, how cute. Because the Red Sox are the champions, now their fans will go to OTHER parks just to see them, because they love them now that they've won. Screw you, McCarver.

So my point was, both teams' announcers said that Bernie had caught the ball, before correcting themselves. The Mets announcer even went on to the next sentence before having to change the call. This is understandable. But I think it's weird how they feel they need to make the call at the exact instant the play happens, seeing as their audience can't see what's going on. Why not wait that extra quarter-second to make sure of the result of the play? What's the difference?

Another thing about Philly: When Manny struck out early in the game, a guy in front of me made some joke about how maybe Manny should've taken batting practice HA HA HA. He was really amusing his kids with his amazingly original comedy. I wanted to say, "You know, Manny did that on purpose so he'll get the same pitch later. And when he does, he'll hit it out." I didn't, but I should have. And when Manny did homer, I was right next to a dude who made fun of Ortiz' strikeout, by claining he could feel the breeze. (They're killin' me with this comedy gold!) He also was yelling "Let's go Phils!" purposely into my ear. So when Manny homered, I yelled "Yeah, Manny!" a loud as I possibly could, as thousands of other Sox fans around that loser did the same. And then Ortiz later homered, just to complete the "Make fun of a Red Sox, watch 'em homer later" cycle.

I'll get those pics up soon, I swear.


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