Saturday, June 25, 2005

Are You Kidding Me?

McCarver just said, about a replay of Millar and Manny double-pointing at each other: "That seems to be Manny's individual salute. I don't think any other player in baseball does that. Pointing with both hands." (and to that he added "with something in one hand or the other.")

With all due respect to the mentally challenged everywhere, is Tim McCarver fucking retarded? Even if he missed every regular season Red Sox game for the last few years, you'd think seeing the team or highlights of the team EVERY NIGHT of the last two Octobers would force him to notice all the Red Sox players pointing to each other and to fans in the double-point/six-shooter manner. And Pedro is still doing it now that he's on the Mets.

Well, Varitek just made it 4-0, so I'm feeling a little better now. Oh, but now they literally missed showing a Mueller double because they were showing a replay. This whole network should be put to sleep.

Much like Dirt Dog should be, as I was just reading on Bullshit Memorial Stadium, before McCarver rudely interrupted me. Actually, I was almost done reading about his Cleveland trip, and looking at his barrage of pics, and reading about how he met a dude named Jere. So I'm gonna go finish reading that.

But first, I'll mention that Buck and McCarver were just making fun of Tito for wearing a jacket in the 95-degree heat, apparently oblivious to the fact that Tito has a medical condition that requires him to keep lots of clothing on. Do I even need to say "terrible job"?

Update: They ended up asking Tito directly about his jacket-wearing. I can't find anything about that medical condition, but I know I heard that somewhere. So if it's not true, well, at least I can make fun of those announcers for acting like this is the first time he's wearing a jacket, when he actually wears it every game, which they should definitely know.

It's always great to read the blogs when Fox has the game of the week, just because of the recaps of McCarver's idiocy.

You should read this, Jere. I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe.

Love your blog. Keep up the "not terrible" job.
Saying that McCarver is as usless as (add your own metaphor) is not saying how useless he truly is. I appreciated your passing reference to the putrid poodle who needs to be euthanized. He gives all of us Sox fans, and Boston-philes a bad name. Keep up the good work and stop by my joint.
Tim, the one who coined the phrase "Linda Ronstadt Fastball-It Blue Bayou", once(OK, more than once, in Tim's case) mentioned in the '01 World Series on FOX "Notice the right foot of Derek Jeter, as he throws the ball-he PIVOTS on it."
In the 1st "FOX Saturday Baseball" Telecast, Tim told viewers that the Mets Korean Relief Pitcher, Jae Koo, as he batted against Randy Johnson, that "This is the biggest giveaway at bat."
Buck :"Ohhhhhh, Koo hits it/take your words back, all the way to the wall/Koo's thinking of a triple & settles for a double." Tim then says something totally unintelligble.

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