Friday, May 20, 2005

The yankee Fan Cycle Of Hypocrisy

yankee fan: "It's 26 to 3, baby, what rivalry? You won't win again for 86 years." (they always get the stats wrong, remember)

Sox fan: "Okay, so we're still the lovable underdog, and you're still the evil empire?"

yankee fan: "No, you've got plenty of money, you're no different than the yanks."

Sox fan: "So we're even, then?"

yankee fan: [head explodes.]

You can't have it both ways, yankee fans. At least not until your team proves they have "what it takes" to win when it counts again.

Also, I know I shouldn't even react to their twisted logic, and I know it's only a select few yankee fans who buy into the "2090" theory, and even those who do are just showing how pathetic they are, embarrassing the smart yankee fans, but still, my question is: Why, if you're doing this on some kind of yankee-math basis, won't the Red Sox win for another 86 years? You started with the arbitrary date of 1919 and have computed the average time it takes us to win? Is that it? Once every 86 years? So, technically, between now and 860 years from now, we'll win 10 championships. So, why can't they all come in a row, starting in 2005?

I say, if you're doing this by averages, you have to start at the beginning. It's 6 championships every 100 years that there's a World Series. So we win out of every 16.6666 World Series'. So your T-shirt needs to say "2020 Point Six Repeating!"

yankee fan: [head re-explodes.]


You want to know why you're typical Yankee fan does that?

Because you typical Boston fans react(as this blog entry proves). So we think it's funny.

No other real reason, not to me at least.

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