Friday, May 06, 2005

They Only Come To Boo

"Just about the time you come to yankee Stadium and say they've hit an all time low, it gets a little worse." --yankee announcer Jim Kaat

The faucet on the baseball gods' gift-shower is officially stuck in the "on" position.

It's the boos at the Stadium that really give me goose bumps. What a tenth inning it was. First, Jeter has trouble with a ground ball, everybody's safe. Then Tino bobbles a grounder with the bases loaded, still thinks he has a shot at the guy at the plate, so as he steps within one inch of the first base bag, he throws it over the catcher's head, and two runs score. He could've at least stepped on first while throwing. It's not like it would've made the throw go any wilder than it did. Then A-Rod gets into the act, and misses a fairly easy grounder. Then Mariano walks in a run. 6-3 A's.

And in the bottom of the tenth, Jeter goes for his classic bloop to right, which would've put the tying run at the plate, only for once the outfielder is actually aware that he might be doing this, and is played really shallow, and makes the catch. Then Posada pops out to end it, prompting my best friend to say:

"What's left of the crowd at yankee Stadium...booing them into the clubhouse."--Michael Backwards Kay

Just a side note. Since Andy Phillips had his big day, when he officially became the latest member of the TMS Society (Timo Perez Syndrome), he's had 2 hits in 19 at bats.

Great jorb by Clement tonight. Love our pitching. Except for Blaine Neal. Hopefully he comes around. Six and a half up on the yanks. And finally a little separation from the Jays. We're 2 back of the O's, Jays are 4 back.

I love the blog! I too, am a Bosox fan living here in Westchester. My wife and her family are diehard Yankee fans, and I wind up watching a lot of Yankee games.

I've enjoyed each of their 19 losses this year tremendously, but this game tonight was really something special.

Jeter, Tino, Arod, Posada and Mariano each choked in horrific fashion at the end of the game. IN ONE INNING!!!

I think what happened last year has really, really gotten into the heads of the Yanks and their fans. They are the biggest chokers in the history of the sport, and they have to live with that every day, every game, every inning, every pitch. It shows.

And Clement, with that sloooow delivery, looking nasty and strong. The Sox, chugging along, defending their World Series championship. Sweet.

If there ever was a curse, it did not evaporate into the air. It now haunts the Bronx, the Yanks, and their obnoxious, arrogant, frontrunning fans.

Nice name, too.

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