Sunday, May 22, 2005

Terrible Job Alert

Okay, I told Chan how I was "blown away" by the ending of Return of the Jedi, where I saw the ghost of Anakin appear, looking exactly like the actor from the new movies. And he told me how stupid I was, and that this was a new thing added to the special edition DVD. So it was the same actor.

Terrible job, Chan, for providing me with versions of the first three Star Wars movies that were altered.

And terrible job, Lucas empire, for altering the classics.

I think I'm gonna put out a special edition DVD of Still, We Believe, where the Red Sox beat the yanks, and Jessamy and that pessimist dude kiss on the field.

So I guess I need to throw a new party, using only the true, unedited Star Wars movies.

Great job by Clement today. Thanks for winning, Red Sox, on the rare day I get to see you on TV.

Tomorrow, I get up at 6 AM to drive to Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame Game. Will take video and post some stills here eventually.

Have fun at Cooperstown, you lucky bugger. Wave hi to the Tiger cubs for me.
Bring back a scouting report on Anibal Sanchez?

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