Sunday, May 22, 2005

Star Wars Aftermath

As I kind of expected, only Brian joined me and Chan for the Star Wars all-day party.

I started Episode II at 9:AM. I thought Anikan looked and talked like Theo Epstein. Which was upsetting since I knew he'd turn into Vader. (Despite never having seen Episodes III-VI, I knew some things. Like "I am your father." Chan pointed out that not knowing that would've been like taping a game and planning to watch it thirty years later, while avoiding seeing the result the whole time.) But then in Episode III, the Theo-looking actor had a look on his face that reminded me of A-Rod. So you could see him go from Theo to A-Rod to Steinbrenner (Darth Vader). You know what's weird? I was Darth Vader for Halloween when I was like five, despite not having seen Star Wars.

We finished up Episode II at noon, and had to immediately head out to 86th Street to see Episode III, which started at 12:45. So my lunch plans were shot. This party was destined to run behind schedule, mind you.

Saw the III, and it ruled. I was so psyched that I'd then get to continue the story with three more movies.

Then we went to a pizza place, where the Mets-yanks game was on. It was right at the point where the Mets pitcher got the double off Randy Johnson. It was great. Everybody in the place was rooting for the Mets. Even construction workers were coming in from outside to root against the yanks. It was the New York I dream of.

Then we watched Star Wars. I wasn't totally impressed. I think the digital remastering killed it for me. Like, if it had looked all old, it would've been better. Because it had no chance of looking as good as the 21st century movies anyway. Also, the light saber battles were so much slower than in the previous aka future episodes.

Then there was the couch fiasco. We tried to get a huge couch from my dad's van, which I'm borrowing, upstairs to the apartment. It wouldn't fit through the door. So we just put it on the sidewalk, sat on it, and tried to sell it to people walking by. People were interested, but not enough. Eventually we just left it out there. We watched from the window as two people hauled it away while we were watching The Empire Strikes Back.

But before that, we went out to get more food. The girl at the health food store asked us if we were doing anything cool. I told her that what we were doing is probably not considered cool. She said she had also never seen the original movies, until her brother forced her to watch all three in a row. So she knew where I was coming from. Then we went to a pizza place, and I noticed the Red Sox were on TV. TBS! I forgot about that option, probably because I only recently got cable again, and because I expected to just miss the game due to the party. So during Empire, I made us switch over to the game for the bottom of the ninth, to see the near comeback win.

Empire was really good. Better than Episode IV I thought. I got to see the Weird Al song "Yoda" come to life. Then Brian and Chan were done, and I watched Jedi. Actually, I had to stop it in the middle to go to bed. I got up this morning and finished it. I like how the last episode of each threesome ended with going back and forth between two fights. And dude, Yoda friggin' dies? What the shit? It was really awesome how at the end, you see the ghost of Anakin, and he looked just like the actor from Episode II and III. I was blown away by that. That's one of the things I got to experience that most people didn't.

I think it worked out this way. Obviously, there's advantages to seeing it in the IV, V, VI, I, II, III order. But it was a fun experience for me. And it was the true order.

Now I get to relax and watch the Sox on TV for a change, thanks to TBS. The Braves' announcer just said that when you look at Fenway Park, it really reminds you of "one of those video games." And he was serious.


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