Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Why can't these west coast teams play their games at 4:oo PM local time? Don't they know we need our rest? How's this for a compromise--when the Red Sox are gonna lose, start the game two hours earlier? Please? Days like this are the worst of the season. You stay up til 1:00 AM on a weeknight only to have the yanks win and the Sox lose. There is only one other day this can possibly happen again this year, and that's tomorrow. In fact, the Sox only have one more mid-week west coast late game after that: August 18th. So there's a fake bright side to today.

Chan and I got our new phone number yesterday. You can rest easy, folks. It's a 212. None of this 646 nonsense. (Oh, no. I'm becoming one. Look, if I start talking about mystique and aura, just shoot me. But remember, you have to use a silver bullet.)

You're okay for now, but trust me: when you start to be able to give people subway directions to, like, Bushwick without even batting an eye, then you're really in trouble. Or, god forbid, when you no longer even really notice that you're on the subway.

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