Saturday, May 14, 2005

Semantics/I'm An Idiot

I guess there is one thing I need to clear up. When I was talking about "the feedster," I was strictly talking about "," i.e. The Boston Globe's list of blogs and blog feeds, which is powered by Feedster. So, for example, when I called Feedster "fascists," I meant to call DirtDog and fascists. My mistake. I know you all knew what I meant. But I just feel bad about calling the wrong people fascists. A dude from Feedster e-mailed me and said that my blog is still searchable on itself, where it doesn't seem like the obscenity rules apply.

I want to make an analogy about the whole thing. There's this guy called Adam. Used to do an act called "Atom & His Package." Ruled. It was a one-man band, just him and his sequencer. He'd play at punk shows, and kids loved it. Even the dirtiest, spikiest punk rock-image types would usually get smiles on their faces watching this really entertaining, funny guy who made really good music. When Atom sent his record to the magazine Maximumrockandroll, the "bible of punk," they deemed it not worthy of a review. The guy did something that was well-liked by a huge percentage of a certain type of audience, and the main publication for that audience refused to acknowledge its existence. I'm just saying, living by rigid rules makes you, and in these cases, lots of others, miss out on a lot of really great things.

Other random stuff: I noticed that someone else besides BSM went to BOTH walk-off games.

Do baseball fans really, really like to do wood finishing? I've been seeing and hearing commercials for "Thompson's Water Seal" during baseball games my whole life. From when I was little, watching NBC's Game of the Week, to five minutes ago on WEEI over the internet, Thompson's Water Seal has been trying to get me to seal out water from the wood on the deck I don't have. (I also remember from Game of the Week Red Devil Enamel, the Wagner Power Painter, and Krylon: "No Runs, No Drips, No Errors.")

Manny's back in the cleanup spot tonight. Maybe they read Gammons' "Manny Ramirez isn't a good baseball player at all" article. [edit: not an article, he said it on the radio, I guess] Why don't ya piss off, Gammons, ya wee dotty skidmark.

While driving through New Haven last week, I saw a sign on the highway for Tweed airport. Their new "T" logo, shown here...
Copyright Telemundo

reminded me of the logo of everyone's favorite Spanish language TV station, Telemundo:
Terrible job, Tweed

Terrible job, Tweed Airport. This Tweed is NOT strong.


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