Friday, May 06, 2005


I just watched a story on Channel 9 New York about "the best bars to watch the game" in the city. In the second one they mentioned, one of the people they talked to was a woman wearing a Red Sox shirt. The third one they mentioned was the Riviera. Which is a Red Sox bar, as you know. They gave a little report on "how the other half lives."

Looked like a sweet scene down at the Riv. Made me wish I'd taken the subway down there tonight.

There's been a lot of talk about the Red Sox bars in NYC. Everyone says how the other ones are crappy, and that people should go to theirs instead. All I know is, I've only been to the Riv. Three times, including Game Six of the '04 ALCS. It was awesome, and it looked awesome on TV tonight, despite the bartender getting fired or whatever.

So maybe I'll go down there Sunday. (And eventually to all the others. But remember, I can't give you a beer review, because I won't be drinking any.)

Tomorrow I'm going to Fenway. I hope if they call the game, they do it before Pat & I get all the way up there. If any of you out there has some kind of secret knowledge, and finds out before everyone else that the game will be called, can you please let me know? Thanks. Why do 80% of car trips to Boston take place in the rain? I've never understood that.

I've been to NYC five times. Each time, the weather was the same, cool & overcast, turning to rain late. I'm starting to believe that this is the only weather NYC ever has, so I share your pain.

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