Wednesday, May 25, 2005


If I hear one more person tell me that their big, clumsy dog "thinks he's a puppy," I'm gonna puke in their face.

Yes, I figured out what that "think puppy" note meant.

You know what else makes me want to puke? Baseball. Can we please go into yankee Stadium ahead of them in the standings?

And Widescreen Wednesday pisses me off, too. I always seem to visit NESN, I mean, my parents, who have NESN, on Wednesdays. I'm sure the widescreen thing is great if you have a big TV, but on this one, I just can't see the ball.

Now attempting to post more Cooperstown pics. If they're not above this post, wait a few minutes.

Go in ahead of them, go in behind them... it'll barely matter after we're swept. After tonight's miserable excuse, which I attended because hey, last night wasn't torture enough, I harbor very little hope that we're ever going to win another game.
These past few games have been particularly barfworthy, but I think we'll clean house in NY this weekend. Bold prediction: a combined 5 errors from prom king and queen Rodriguez/Jeter over the weekend series, and the mulletless Johnson somehow horribly injures himself. Lord, hear our prayer...
Keep dreaming.

Schilling out til the All-Star break, Wells pitching like he REALLY needs to be hungover befoe he starts. Manny hitting like his name is Trot Nixon.

Dunno, Trot's hitting pretty well. And last I checked, the Yanees went through a bit of a rough patch a while back too, did't they? I'll haveto check, but I seem to recall reading something along those lines.
Even though as I write this, we're down 6-0, I still don't worry about the Red Sox going into yankee Stadium.

They'll see us and run to their mommies. Let them be the ones who think they're gonna lose in the end, as per the new yankee tradition.

And to the anonymous yankee fan, you can try the pre-2004 arrogance-poorly-disguised-as-confidence routine all you want, but we're all seeing right through it.
You're not "seeing through" anything. I have no need for any sort of routine to know that we're catching the Sox at an absolutely great time. And you're favorite team is catching their archrivals at a very bad time.

Take that as arrognace=confidence=whatever as you want, but it's the truth.
Well I'm just not going to believe "Boston=Toast" is the truth.
For the next 3 days it's the thruth ;)
Quick Quiz: What team was responsible for the biggest choke job in the history of professional team sports?

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