Monday, May 09, 2005

NY Stories

The Red Sox scored 7 in the 7th tonight. So I may have won the jackpot in the contest they do on the radio broadcast. But I wasn't listening that inning. So hopefully they email me if I won. I also entered my mom's name, so maybe she'll get a nice surprise.

Francesa was doing his arrogant yankee fan act all day today, pretending like he thinks the yanks are gonna steamroll right to the playoffs starting now. It's like he's desperately trying to will it to happen. A loss by them tonight would have been extra key. At least Randy didn't pitch all that well. I still say they're in trouble.

So I'm in New York, but still commuting to Connecticut for work for a little while longer. It's great, because the traffic goes the opposite way. It's not bad for an hour drive. Tonight, Chan, who will be living here with me starting next month, came down to visit me at his soon to be home. We got cheap but good Chi-Tex-Mex. (A Mexican place that calls themselves "Tex-Mex" as a gimmick more than anything, run by Chinese people.) People keep telling me how expensive NYC life is, but I'm finding some pretty cheap stuff. I mean I really don't eat much, or buy much (except for Red Sox related things). I think I'll be all right.

As Chan and I ate, we realized we had no silverware. Or plates. Or anything. I gotta get on this whole "necessities" thing. I've already bought food items that require a toaster or microwave, and I forgot that I don't have either. Fortunately, Chan brought me a toaster tonight. So tomorrow I can eat my waffles toasted. (But with no butter or syrup. And I'll have to eat them with my hands.)

So...I just met a guy named John on the street. He asked me for some change. I thought my quarter was generous enough. But apparently it wasn't. I started telling him how if his hat wasn't a yankee hat maybe I'd give him more. He said "It's just for show." Thought so. Then he took it off and said, "Pretend it's not there." This got him another quarter. We talked for a little while. Then he tried to show me just how "known" he was in the neighborhood. He took me into a liquor store, and bought some liquor. We went back outside, and I said, "What was the point of that?" He said he was proving to me how respected he was by spending money on something he couldn't afford. I still didn't understand, but I gave him a dollar after much begging. He would have a lot more than that if he didn't buy the booze. I still don't get why, if he was trying to get enough money for a 42 dollar hotel room, he'd spend money on something else, just to prove a point that made no sense anyway. He also had really nice clothes on, which he explained were his only clothes. So basically, by talking to me, he made $1.50, but lost at least 3 dollars on cheap booze. So despite him saying that he wasn't a drug addict, he definitely has an alcohol problem, if he'd rather have it then a bed.

Oh those wacky homeless. I could probably have a story like that every night living in the city. I should ignore these people. But, for some reason, I like to talk to them.

Jere, What block are you on?...I'm always looking for a quick buck or two.
I'm on One-Millionth & Sucker.

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