Saturday, May 07, 2005



Go there for all your Red Sox needs and much more. This is for anyone coming from Feedster, since I'm guessing that the blog mentioned above is being left out due to it's title, which (cover your ears, Jesus) has the word "bullshit" in it.

Feel free to email the Feedster and request that, aka Bullshit Memorial Stadium, be put on "the list."

I'm sitting here waiting to start my rainy drive to Fenway, hoping that if they call this game, they do it now.

Also, I'm New York less than a week, and already I'm quoted in the Daily News. Nice. Click here for the article. I'm called a "Massachusetts transplant," which is only off by one state, but that's no big deal. I'm just proud to be in a paper whose back page shows a huge picture of a dejected Derek Jeter, with the headline "YANKE-E-E-S."

Whoa! I just noticed this post.

Thanks man. Still making my effort to climb the heights reached by the greats- Jere, Empy, etc.

And feedster can shove it!

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