Monday, May 30, 2005

Nathan Wind As Cochese

So I went down to Kim's Video down on St.Marks--where the rudeness of the employees is inversely proportional to the coolness of the merchandise (for at least ten years)--and picked up the DVD of Spike Jonze videos.

It's hard for me to watch the commentaries because I love most of the songs, and I can hear them playing in the background, so I keep paying attention to the music instead of the person talking. You can't play "Sure Shot" by the Beastie Boys and tell me to listen to something else while it's playing!

But I did my best and I learned a few things.

From J. Mascis's commentary on Dinosaur Jr.'s "Feel the Pain" (remember, the golf video?) : "I golfed a little from about five years old to nine, and then I gave it up for baseball, but then I kinda went back to it when I was 27." Hm. J's usual deadpan delivery and the fact that I would've bet my right dog that this man never picked up a baseball bat or a golf club outside of this video shoot make this statement gold. Also, how often do you by a DVD, then see a video on it that's shot on the same street as the one you bought that DVD on? (They drove the golf cart all over Manhattan in the video).

Fatboy Slim did his commentary, and when the video ended, they cut to a shot of him, and you realize he did the whole commentary while taking a bath.

The Beastie Boys were asked after their "Sabotage" commentary if a camera had gotten wet during the shoot, and they played dumb. They continued this technique when asked if they would have tried to dry the camera with a blow dryer before giving it back. And I'd never seen the shot of the falling body that hits the ground in the video, because MTV didn't allow it. So clearly a dummy anyway--the wig falls when it hits the ground.

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer (about "Buddy Holly" winning five awards at the MTV Video Music Awards): "I didn't go. Awards are for losers."

Bjork said that the guy inside the mailbox in the "It's Oh So Quiet" video was the guy who voiced Ernie of Bert & Ernie. But she wasn't sure since they don't have Sesame Street in Iceland. Terrible job, Iceland.

If you're a fan of the only music videos that were ever any good, buy this DVD. I give it seventy-four and a half Chans out of a possible eighty.

Thanks, Bob Watson, for effing up Bronson Arroyo. If he doesn't break out of this, I'm coming to your office.

According to their website, Sesame Street is broadcast in over 120 countries, although I could not find an actual list. There are different versions of Sesame Street for various cultures. In the African version, Takalani Sesame Street, there is a muppet character with HIV, in attempts to address the rampant AIDS epidemic by giving small children facts and dispelling culural myths about the virus. This, of course, has nothing whatsoever to do with why they don't have it in Iceland, but I found it interesting.
Yep. The South African HIV+ character was introduced pretty recently, actually. South Africa, of all the countries hardest hit by HIV in Africa, has been the mostactive in public awareness, with Mandela (who lost his son to AIDS earlier this year) front and center.

How's that for a tangent?

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