Friday, May 27, 2005

Mid-Game 1 Notes

Not since Ted Simmons taught all the kids on The Baseball Bunch to be switch hitters because HE was a switch hitter have I seen such a pathetic display of narcissism combined with willingness to conform:

Jorge Posada is now imitating the stance of his hitting coach, former yankee almost-great Don Mattingly. He's got the whole pre-swing routine down. Terrible job.

I really hope this is strictly used against the knuckle ball, and not Posada's new stance in general.

Note: You're probably saying, "But what about the time when that kid in 'The Bad News Bears: Breaking Training' imitated Luis Tiant on the mound?"

Well, duh, that was before The Baseball Bunch aired, and Tiant didn't personally teach the kid the motion. At least not that I can remember.

I just recently got cable again, so the crappiness of the "Hell, No" announcers is all coming back to me now. The worst is when they'll say something, then a replay is shown that proves them wrong, but they don't admit they were wrong, and sometimes even reiterate their claim, even though the whole world just watched as it was proven to be false.

Don't you love when Sheffield watches three pitches, all of which are called balls despite looking like strikes, and then the next pitch is a called strike and he complains to the umpire like he's just been put in jail for a crime he didn't commit?

And isn't it fun to watch and listen to the crowd reactions at yankee Stadium? Clearly, unquestionably, without a doubt, the least knowledgeable fans in sports. Funny how people always get that one backwards.

Jason Varitek just hit a home run off of Randy. Jason Varitek is my baseball idol. That guy just knows what to do. Handling the pitching staff, getting clutch hits, hustling every time. If ever there was a perfect specimen of a "captain," it's him. If I ever have a kid, I'm naming it Varitek Smith. Boy or girl.

I hate Sheffield. I simply hate him. Home run. With an obnoxious curtain call. No outs. And no one throwing in the RS BP.

I thought maybe you had gone to the game, since it is rather convenient. I am glad, for your sake, that you did not. At least at this point.
No more Stadium tix for me this year. Opening Day was it. Will see the yanks at Fenway twice more, though.

That was such a weak curtain call. He just did it on his own. There was no "call" for him.

He'll pay for his crimes. Again.
After the game, I hope Sheffield remembers to thank Francona for leaving Embree in to pitch his BP.

Horrible management by the team of Sveum & Francona. Un-fucking-believable. Nothing like giving 'em away, fellas.

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