Sunday, May 15, 2005

Holy Crap!

Chan and I are sitting here watching the yankee game, it's the ninth inning, the crowd is sparse, and the Hell, No network cuts to a shot of a fan in the stands. The guy has crazy hair, and the announcers make fun of it. I immediately recognize him as the singer of the Melvins, Buzz Osborne. I was screaming, "Chan, that's freakin King Buzzo of the Melvins! Holy shit!" Then I found a picture of him on the internet to prove it to Chan. Here's the pic (which also proves that you can't mistake this dude for anyone else):

Yes celebrity: Buzz Osborne

I hope some of you music fan types who also happened to be watching the ninth inning of a 15-5 yankee game caught this.

I didn't happen to catch this, but...

WHOA! I love the Melvins. I've seen them twice, and they made my toenails curl they were so heavy.

Buzz is a pretty unmistakeable guy. Good eye, Jere. I'm impressed.

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