Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I'm going to post a bunch of stills from my Cooperstown video here. So this would be the teaser, I guess. Someone had asked Johnny to wave, so he struck a weird wave pose and held it. For better resolution, move way back from your screen.

Terrible job by Captain Cheese tonight. This was one of those frustrating losses we've all experienced so many times, but we never get used to.

Female Sam, get those Tigers back on track for tomorrow. Come on. Tell 'em. That Quantrill's a real ass, isn't he?

I looked in my pocket for a scrap of paper I'd written an idea on earlier today. The paper says, "think puppy." When I wrote that, I told myself, "You fool, you'll never remember what this means." I was right.

And to think boston.com doesn't link this site.

Yeah, I pretty much want Paul Quantrill drawn and quartered after tonight. THEY WERE UP 11-0, retaliation or not, he had no call to go throwing at Tiger heads. Ass.

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