Thursday, May 19, 2005

Empires And Whatnot

Do you know how desperate yankee people are for their past days of glory? Last night, Michael Kay said during the game, "This is the count that the '98 yankees used to love to hit-and-run on." That whole win-streak, all I heard was how the "old yankees" are back. What I didn't hear after last night was how the "choking yanks" never really left. If they were the old yanks, they would have won last night.

Since my last post, we had that great comeback win which featured this call from Joe Castiglione: "...and it gets BY Byrnes!" Which referred to Byrnes essentially costing his team the game on the Renteria double. It's so funny how that guy always comes up short in the end, no matter how "exciting" he is.

And, oh right, David Wells ruining my whole day in about five minutes.

But we're moving on.

So my Star Wars party is slated for Saturday. I'll be watching all six movies in one day. Actually, Episode I is getting the shaft, due to time constraints, and since it's the only one I've seen already. If you missed my earlier post about this, the deal is that I never saw the old Star Wars movies, so I planned on watching all six, in order, all on one day, when Episode III came out. That time has come, so I'm having a housewarming/Star Wars-watching party. It doesn't look like it'll be a very big crowd, as most humans don't enjoy watching five movies back to back to back to back to back. But Chan is in, and so is Brian, who's been a big fan of this concept for a while now. We'll see how far we actually get.

Top four comments I've gotten about my Star Wars party:

4. I can't come. I live in Burlington, Vermont.

3. Wow, two things I thought I'd never see are happening within eight months: The Red Sox winning the World Series and Smitty seeing Star Wars!

2. So is your apartment in NYC gonna be like Andy Warhol's Factory, only for dorks?

1. I can't believe you're actually going through with this.

I really, really can't believe you are going through with this, jere. I strongly recommend you just watch episodes 2 & 3 tomorrow. 4, 5, & 6 should each be given their own day, so they can sink in. But you know what I think...

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